OCCAC All-Academic Team

The Edison State Community College Athletics Department emphasizes the student portion of student-athlete. While Edison State student-athletes have achieved athletic success by earning scholarships and playing time at four-year institutions, it is important that they are also prepared academically. 

The following Edison State Chargers have demonstrated their ability to manage the time required to achieve their academic goals while also displaying athletic ability, determination, and discipline needed to excel on the court or field. 


Women's Volleyball
Miranda Hickey (3.76 GPA)
Erin Metz (3.8 GPA)
Vanessa Winner (3.8 GPA)

Women's Basketball
Jessie Crowell (3.8 GPA)
Holly Frey (3.7 GPA)
Lauren Monnin (3.35 GPA)
Marin Reis (3.63 GPA)
Clair Schmitmeyer (3.46 GPA)
Shania Taylor (3.76 GPA)
Kayla Tullis (3.6 GPA)
Rosie Westerbeck (3.56 GPA)

Men's Basketball
Zachary Haeseker (3.6 GPA)
Zach Ledbetter (3.8 GPA)
Caleb Maggard (3.3 GPA)
Hayden Russell (3.5 GPA)
Nick Thompson (3.5 GPA).

Men's Baseball
Gustavo Bonilla (3.74 GPA)
Jacob Clements (3.81 GPA)
Andrew Collins (4.0 GPA)
Cameron Davis (3.5 GPA)
Cooper Denney (3.5 GPA)
Evan Ford (3.46 GPA)
Jackson Hobbs (3.75 GPA)
Tanner Keyes (3.4 GPA)
Dustin Parsons (3.47 GPA)
Ryan Profitt (3.37 GPA)
Dylan Welch (3.76 GPA)
Jacob Whisman (3.8 GPA)

Women's Softball
Cyndy Adams (3.6 GPA)
Brooke Borgerding (3.5 GPA)
Rayna Brownless (3.5 GPA)
Holly Frey (3.7 GPA)
Emma Miller (3.7 GPA)
Alexis Ontrop (3.6 GPA)
Kaytlyn Riffell (3.6 GPA)
Alexis Romine (3.4 GPA)
Stephanie Scholl (4.0 GPA)
Hailey Wallace (3.5 GPA)


Women's Volleyball
Teresa Hess (4.0 GPA)
Erin Metz (4.0 GPA)
Denise Schwieterman (3.35 GPA)
Allison Watkins (4.0 GPA)

Men's Basketball
Zach Ledbetter (3.5 GPA)
Nick Thompson (3.7 GPA)

Women's Basketball 
Carly Buzzard (4.0 GPA)
Jessie Crowell (3.8 GPA)
Courtney Esser (3.3 GPA)
Sydney Miller (3.75 GPA)
Lauren Monnin (3.5 GPA)

Men's Baseball 
Andrew Collins (4.0 GPA)
Nicholas Gray (3.46 GPA)


Women’s Volleyball
Taylor Bachman (3.67 GPA)
Molly Dunlevy (3.87 GPA)
Tasha Potts (3.43 GPA)
Taylor Stover (3.44 GPA)
Allison Watkins (3.73 GPA)

Men’s Basketball
Damion Cook (3.38 GPA)

Women’s Basketball
Cadence Jacobs (3.31 GPA) 


Women’s Basketball
Brooke Dunlevy (3.70 GPA)
Krista Blankenship (3.70 GPA)

Men’s Basketball
Nicholas Fischer (3.35 GPA)


Women’s Volleyball
Jasmine Davis (3.30 GPA)
Sarah Karas (3.30 GPA)
Ann Frieders (3.90 GPA)

Women’s Basketball
Brooke Richard (3.50 GPA)
Bridget Geiger (3.30 GPA)
Logan Pitts (3.80 GPA)
Morgan Huelskamp (3.40 GPA)
Christine Johnson (3.70 GPA)
Tori Purk (3.30 GPA)
Kelsey Tester (3.5 GPA)

Men’s Basketball
Nicholas Fischer (3.5 GPA)


Women’s Volleyball
Ann Frieders (4.0 GPA)
Brooke Reinke (3.764 GPA)
Tori Shimp (3.3 GPA)

Women’s Basketball
Moran Huelskamp (3.667 GPA)
Christine Johnson (3.5484 GPA)
Emily Mowbray (3.4 GPA)
Paige Newlon (3.4 GPA)
Terra Vanover (3.488 GPA)